Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Making personal attacks? It’s a safe bet you’ve no policies worth a damn then

Conservative party leader David Cameron and shadow chancellor George Osborne have taken to making personal attacks on Gordon Brown – the man seen currently as the most likely future leader of the Labour party calling him ‘weak’ and ‘tragic’.

No surprise then that Cameron and Osborne have no actual policies on anything then so have resorted to cheap insults. They’ve made lots of vague policy statements on such hopeful sounding things as only using nuclear power as ‘a last resort’ and distancing Britain more from the US – but when questioned on whether this means they’d rule out new nuclear power stations or bring British troops home from Iraq they refuse to answer.

When someone resorts to personal attacks and insults in politics you can take it for granted that they either have no policies they’re willing to reveal to the electorate (or want to distract the electorate from policies they’ve already carried out if they’re in office) or have no real policy differences with the person they’re attacking and are motivated merely by ambition or competition for power and leadership positions.

That’s one reason why the infighting between ‘Brownites’ and ‘Blairites’ has been so personal and petty – the two men have made it clear they both favour more Private Finance Initiatives or ‘Public Private Partnership Programmes’ (the same thing – but they sound nicer) , they’ll both stand ‘shoulder to shoulder’ with any American President and send our troops into their wars – no matter whether the war is necessary or not, no matter whether the US administration has any viable strategy to win that war or not.

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