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Churchill, ‘Moral Courage’ and Gaza

Is Israel showing moral courage against evil or trying to justifying its atrocities against civilians by pointing to Hamas’?

Dr. Denis MacEoin ( Herald letters 6th January ) in replying to my letter of 3rd January quotes Hamas’ founding charter as proof that Hamas can’t be negotiated with. The Fatah and PLO charters don’t recognise Israel’s right to exist either though, yet Israeli negotiations with them led to many partial breakthroughs, such as the Oslo Accords, in between calling them terrorists who couldn’t be negotiated with (1), (2).

Dr. MacEoin then compares Hamas to Nazi Germany and urges us to show Churchill’s ‘moral courage’ in the face of ‘Evil’.

Palestinian rocket attacks have killed several Israeli civilians and are not justified, but apart from the fact that it’s massed Israeli tanks and bombers attacking Gaza, not Palestinian ones invading Israel, this is not a conflict of good versus evil but of wrong acts by both sides, with the stronger refusing to negotiate.

Israeli forces have deliberately starved and indiscriminately bombed the whole population of Gaza, with the UN figure of 62 civilians killed given on 29th December not including any adult men according to a UN press conference on the same day. At least 101 children have been killed and 1000 wounded by the Israeli offensive in Gaza so far, as reported by the UN Office for the Co-ordination of Humanitarian Affairs.. This is the result of the Israeli government and military’s definition of civilian echoing that of the Bosnian Serbs at Srebrenica – i.e not ‘males of military age’. As in British Boer War concentration camps and German ones in World War Two some food has been allowed into Gaza , just not enough – so many Palestinians in Gaza now have to search rubbish tips for food (3), (3a), (4).

Israeli officers continued their long running practice of ordering the targeting of civilians – like the two unarmed youths shot dead in the West Bank for demonstrating against the Gaza strikes, the entire family of Hamas leader Nizar Rayan, whose house they bombed, killing his children; and dozens of UN staff and civilians killed in at least two clearly marked UN buildings (5), (6), (7), (8), (9), (10), (11). In the last case the Israeli military made up claims about rockets fired from the UN buildings – claims which they could provide no evidence for. A supposed video of the rocket fire has not materialized (11a).

These kind of propaganda claims without any evidence are a common IDF practice. In the past they’ve claimed to have videos of UNRWA ambulances carrying missiles – claims they dropped when it was obvious it was a stretcher not a missile. Then they fell back on saying that since some UNRWA employees are also Hamas members, the UN is employing terrorists. Hamas is one of the two main Palestinian political parties though – being a member of it does not make someone a member of its armed wing – the Al Qassam Brigades – or a terrorist, any more than being a Kadima member automatically makes an Israeli a war criminal because Kadima are in government and have ordered war crimes (11b), (11c).

The missiles in ambulances story was an attempt to justify Israeli forces’ targeting of Palestinian and foreign ambulances and medics – like the Oxfam paramedic killed by Israeli fire on an ambulance in Gaza on 4th January, just as many ambulances were attacked in Gaza and in Lebanon in the 2006 war (12), (13). Every week for decades Israeli forces have been firing on ambulances, paramedics and the wounded – and ordering snipers to shoot Palestinian children in the head (14), (15), (16), (17), (18), (19), (20), (21). If that sounds incredible check the sources – British and Palestinian doctors., British journalists and Israelis who’ve fought as IDF soldiers in the West Bank.

Churchill might well have approved. He was a propagandist for the Boer War, in which concentration camps were invented to deny the Boers food by starving the whole population (22).

Churchill, who also said he approved of gassing civilians – particularly uncivilised tribes, but also had plans to use poison gas on German civilians in World War Two. He only looked good next to Hitler though; and Haniyeh is not Hitler (23), (24), (25.)

It’s easy to call the other side ‘Evil’ and claim this justifies everything ‘our’ side does and makes negotiation unthinkable. It’s not true though and it leads to more deaths. ‘Moral courage’ requires condemning wrong acts whichever side commits them and rejecting the option of using a stronger military with utter ruthlessness to punish an entire population and overthrow an elected government when negotiations are on offer.

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