Friday, April 30, 2010

Why I owe Gillian Duffy an apology - and Murdoch owes us all one

Today it's been revealed that the entire Gillian Duffy incident was created by Murdoch, who has switched from backing New Labour back to backing the Conservatives, just as he did under Thatcher.

It's normal in an interview by a TV station for them to remove their mike from the lapel of the interviewee at the end of it. Sky News - owned by News International, a Murdoch company, didn't do that with Gordon Brown.

Murdoch used to back Thatcher in elections in return for getting her to allow tax avoidance and tax cuts benefitting him and his firms and deregulation of media ownership so he could expand his business empire.

Then he allied to Blair and New Labour with the same deal. Now he's gone back to the Conservatives again - and his TV stations and newspapers have followed suit.

It also transpires that the Sun newspaper offered Mrs Duffy tens of thousands of pounds to say she hated Gordon Brown and would vote Conservative. She turned down the bribe and stuck to her principles. While I'm standing as an independent candidate because i've little time for most of 'New Labour's policies I can only admire her for that - and I used to be a Labour voter, like her.


James Nelson said...

"and you think that them not removing the microphone, was intentional?" is how people might respond. yes, almost far-fetched, if it were not for the fact that we only need to look elsewhere to see the tactics of the "murdoch men" - see: - and isn't bill o'reilly a disgusting creature?
now being offered "tens of thousands of pounds" though just to say that you hated gordon brown, that would be tempting and once the money is in your bank account you could always add ".... and cameron and clegg". said...

It probbaly was staged but will be difficult to prove- but Brown was not incorretc to say she wasa bigot , as her words re the Poles and saying they take jobs - is based on this ignorance by many-
The Poles who do speak english come heer to do many jobs that if they were not here- we the economy would eb in a big mess. So they should have recived the apology and Brown's aides were idiots to fall for the media circus trap.
Elections should be fought on real issues and heer Labour fell for the trap! we only hope that the rise of the Liberal Democrats truly overtake the Conservatives this week- as we do not want a Conservative vivtory - as they have a very inexpereinced and nasty looking shadow cabinet on the sidelines. Osborne & cameron have never done anything before- and will probbbaly do nothign in the future- so why have others run the show in the background! we must vote for electoral change so Yellow must rule

Kit said...

Good luck for tomorrow

calgacus said...

James - i'll watch that video as soon as i get time (probably after the election). - I'm hoping for a hung parliament with the Lib Dems, SNP, Plaid Cymru and independents and smaller parties (except the BNP) doing well, so we get proportional representation for the next election.

Kit - thanks - i'm not making any predictions but my general impression from canvassing is that i might do pretty well