Friday, March 23, 2012

Hundreds of MPs and Lords with financial interests in private healthcare firms revealed showing conflict of interest on NHS ' reforms'

The excellent Social Investigations blog  has found hundreds of conflicts of interest and financial interests of MPs and Lords who have voted for the Coalition government’s NHS reforms , relating to private healthcare firms (plus there are some among the right of the Labour party who are supporters of PFIs or PPPs ).

This post on Conservative members of the House of Lords’ links to private healthcare firms is particularly eye-opening.

I’d already posted reports from the Guardian on some of the private healthcare firms whose executives donated money to the Conservative party – and on one adviser to the current government moving to the healthcare division of a major accountancy firm, but from Social Investigations’ work, this seems to have been only the tip of the ice-berg.

Things are almost as bad as in America where many of both main parties’ members of congress are in the pockets of private healthcare firms, though some Democrats remain above board in this respect and so do many Labour MPs.

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